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Engine Diagnotic LexingtonIs your check engine light on? An engine light doesn’t always mean a huge repair bill. The engine light illuminates anytime a fault is detected in the vehicle emissions system. It could be as simple as a loose gas cap, or as complex as an intricate engine malfunction.Your vehicle requires 4 key characteristics to start up – adequate power, good fuel pressure, engine compression and spark. Your vehicle’s battery provides the power. If there is adequate power, but the vehicle still will not turn over, comprehensive testing is required to determine which of the other 3 is the root of the problem and why.

Don’t Ignore That Light

So if the check engine light comes on and it’s steady rather than flashing, what do you do? The most obvious answer, of course, is to get the engine checked by us at Bluegrass Precision of Lexington. But many people do nothing, perhaps fearing an expensive repair bill. Some drivers with older cars want to squeeze out as many remaining miles as possible without visiting an auto repair garage. If the light is lit, there’s a good chance the car is releasing excess pollutants or consuming too much gas.